Sponsor a Giveaway

Thank so much for your interest in sponsoring a Giveaway on Healthy Muslimah!

There’s a community of subscribers who want to buy your products and sponsoring a giveaway or having your item reviewed is an an excellent way to gain exposure with thousands of potential customers! 

The Healthy Muslimah platform is made up of 5 websites including the Healthy Muslimah Summit that launched in 2017 and saw 5000 sister sign up. Healthy Muslimah is still new and is building momentum rapidly!

This is an amazing opportunity for you to get on board and and directly connect and communicate with customers – people who have a growing interest in health and wellness and want to buy products just like yours! 

Healthy Muslimah Giveaway Policies

  1. Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor a giveaway or have Healthy Muslimah review a product for you.
  2. We only accept Giveaways of products/services that are in keeping with the principles and health and wellness philosophy of Healthy Muslimah and are considered to be of benefit to our readers.
  3. We prefer to run Giveaways of product/services that have been tried, tested and/or reviewed by Healthy Muslimah so that we sure they are something our readers will like.
  4. The Sponsor agrees that we keep the product(s) that are being tried/reviewed i.e. trial/review items will not be returned to the Sponsor.
  5. Any item that is sent to Healthy Muslimah for trial/review MUST NOT be the Giveaway prize.
  6. The Sponsor agrees to send the Giveaway prize/s directly to the winner/s and is fully responsible for the cost of all shipping and handling. Healthy Muslimah will NOT incur any shipping costs, either for the item/s to be sent for trial/review to Healthy Muslimah, or for the Giveaway/s to be sent to the winner/s.
  7. The Sponsor may request that Giveaways are held in certain countries/geographical zones (North America, UK, Australia etc.) and this may be agreed to, at the discretion of admin.
  8. Healthy Muslimah reserves the right to decline a Giveaway request.

Promotion of Healthy Muslimah Giveaways 

  • Giveaways will be featured on www.healthymuslimah.com as well as shared through all Healthy Muslimah’s social media outlets, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Healthy Muslimah Giveaway Winners

  1. The winner/s will be chosen through random selection once the giveaway ends.
  2. The winner/s will be contacted via email, and optionally through other social media avenues, if available and/or possible. The winner will have 72 hours to respond, after which, she will be notified of the withdrawal of the prize, and a new winner will be chosen and the aforementioned process repeated.
  3. Once confirmation of the winner’s physical address is received, this will be sent to the Sponsor.
  4. The Sponsor is responsible for sending the prize/s to the winner/s and for all shipping and handling costs involved.

If you are interested in having Healthy Muslimah review your product of your products/services, I’d love to hear from you, please comment below or send us a message through our Facebook Page as I’ve been having some issues with the website’s contact form. In shaa Allah, I’ll be able to get it sorted out soon.

I’ll do my best to get back to you within a week, in’sha’Allah. Jazzak Allah khayran!

Baarak Allahu feeki and I hope to hear from you soon! xxx

Thanks again for you interest!