How to Make Salad Kebabs – perfect for potlucks in the park!

I love salads and always try to take a salad to potlucks. I first made these salad kebabs a few years ago for a potluck picnic we had in a local park. I wanted to take something that was easy make, serve and eat and they were a hit, mashaAllah!

Delicious, the perfect size and incredibly convenient to eat – no cutlery or even plates necessary, making salad into a kebab makes it a delicious and tasty finger food. It also works great as portion control (makign sure everyone gets some)

How to Make Salad Kebabs

As long as it’ll stay on the stick, you can pretty put whatever you want in a salad kebab so get creative and mix and match combinations.

Depending where you are serving these, you can also drizzle them in a salad dressing just before you serve them.


Here are a few ideas of ingredients to use.  

Leafy Greens 

  • lettuce
  • rocket (arugula)
  • kale
  • baby spinach

Other Vegetables 

  • baby tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • carrots (it’s fun if you make a carrot ribbon with your peeler and then skewer the ribbon onto the stick, like in the pic)
  • zuchinni (raw or oven roasted)
  • green, red, yellow peppers (raw or oven roasted)
  • mange tout (snap peas)
  • mushrooms (raw or cooked)
  • roasted root vegetables (like pumpkin, sweet potato and beetroot)… these go great with baby spinach and feta!


  • cooked beef cubes
  • cooked chicken cubes
  • grilled halloumi cheese
  • feta cheese/other cheeses

Other Tasty Things to Add 

  • olives
  • sundried tomatoes

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