Ramadan Crockpot – Slowcooker Recipes

Crockpots are an amazing way of preparing food during Ramadan – put everything in there and voila, 6 hours later you have a delicious meal, in shaa Allah. The perfect way to make a delicious and healthy meal but not have to spend hours in the kitchen, in shaa Allah. 

Even better, you can prepare crockpot freezer bags ahead of Ramadan (with all the meal ingredients) so it’s really a case of just putting everything in the crockpot in the morning, make a fresh salad and you’re done for iftar in shaa Allah.

As healthy Muslimah is still very new, I don’t have a huge amount of crockpot recipes for you (In shaa Allah, I’ll have loads for you by next year) so I’ve been sniffing around the net looking for delicious healthy recipes to share.

Alhamdullilah, some are from Muslimah Foodie sites but unfortunately, I couldn’t find many so most are from just general Food sites.

Soooooo, while I’ve tried to choose carefully, if there happen to be ingredients that we would not use as Muslims, please forgive the oversight, exercise common sense and either leave the ingredient out or replace it with a halal version.

** Photos are from photo stock 


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