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16th December 2017

Learn the Secret to Making Amazing Home Spa Kits Online in Just One Afternoon

Avoid Chemicals. Save Loads on Gifts or Start Your Own Business!  

You won't believe how easy it is until you see it done!

It's Online so you can access the workshop any time on the 16th AND you have Lifetime Access!


The gorgeous set of goodies you see is a beautiful Ylang-Ylang Home Spa Set that I made not long ago...in one afternoon! Actually, I made 5 Ylang-Ylang sets and 5 Lavender Sets in one afternoon with EASE

  • Floral herbal facial steam 
  • Natural Facial Mask 
  • fizzing bath salts 
  • ylang-ylang, calendula and rose hand-made soap
  • luxurious mango body and face butter 

The Benefits of this Workshop 

Time. Money. Health. Peace of Mind. Business Opportunity. All in One!

  • Learn Everything You Need to Know in Just One Afternoon: you can learn how to make these beauties in just a few hours! I know you're pressed for time!  
  • Lifetime Access to the videos so you can catch-up/watch anytime! No pressure! 
  • No Need to Delay: order your ingredients and start making your spa packs right away! 
  • The Perfect Gift: friends and family will love them (think Eid and beyond)and they're beautiful, luxurious but not expensive to make! Win, win, win! 
  • Use them Yourself: imagine using beautiful spa quality products every day! Alhamdullilah for self-care and you can GO WILD when you make them yourself because they won't cost a bomb! 
  • Start your Own Home Business: turn these packs into a little home industry. 
  • Low Startup Cost: The raw materials won't cost you an arm and a leg! In fact, you'll be amazed at how budget-friendly they are to make. 
  • Time Effective: you can make 10+ packs easily in an afternoon like I did and have a blast doing it. It's all about working smart and having fun! 
  • Profit: as they don't cost loads to make, there's a great potential profit margin on them!  
  • Essential Business Tips: I'll share some essential business tips for starting out with a mini home industry  - a few dos and don't and tips to help you avoid some common pitfalls. 
  • All Natural: you know exactly what you're putting in them!
  • Have Fun while Benefiting Others: making natural and beautiful products that also bring a smile to others - what more could you ask for? 

What you Get at the Home Spa Workshop

You'll learn all this in just a few hours and be ready to go! In shaa Allah. And it's recorded so you can access the class anytime! 

Health and Safety  

5 simple but essential health and safety tips to keep in mind when you are making these natural products. 

Make Your Pack  

Instruction videos and everything you need to start making this beautiful home spa pack right away. 

Business Essentials 

Tips and tricks to help you turn this product into a business and importantly, avoid some of the most common pitfalls when starting out. 


Learn exactly what you need to make the products as well as some of the best suppliers of raw materials PLUS the essentials of packaging including how to easily make beautiful and professional labels that will have people saying WOW! Ma shaa Allah.  

Don't forget, it's Online so you can access the workshop any time on the 16th AND you have Lifetime Access!

Exclusive One Time Only Price Offer - VERY Limited Places Available 

Because I really want to share the love and ajer and, I'm offering the workshop at a ridiculously low price of $49.95 this time only! The future workshop price will be $149+ so this really is a one-time-only offer (and is only available for a limited number of people) so don't miss out! 

What You'll Get If You Sign Up Today and Attend the Workshop on the 16th December 2017! 

  • Everything you need to know to make a Home Spa Kit (in just one afternoon!)  
  • Full Lifetime Access to the Workshop Materials. 
  • Bonus Material at the Workshop: How to Make a Beautiful Body Scrub
  • Bonus Material at the Workshop: How to Make a Foot Scrub
  • Bonus Material at the Workshop: How to Make Natural Face Cleansing Grains 
  • FREE Set of Ready-to-Use Labels for your Spa Pack

As I said, the whole workshop will be recorded so don't worry if you're busy on the 16th. You still get FULL benefit of this amazing PROMO price and can access the materials anytime! 

Disclaimer: the information presented on this page and at this Workshop is intended to be for solely your educational purposes and do not make any claims as to income you may or may not earn, nor does Healthy Muslimah (or I as an individual) accept any liability over earnings, loss of earnings or liability for any of the products that are made.