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As salaamu aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barrakhatu, 


I’m so happy you’re here!

Healthy Muslimah was a dream in the making for several years and I’m immensely grateful it’s become a reality, alhamdulillah!  There have been some setbacks and hurdles along the way but it’s been an incredible journey and I am so grateful for it all. 

So, who is Healthy Muslimah for?

Absolutely everyone is welcome! Whether you’re just starting out on your health journey, you’re just ‘checking out the health scene’ or you’re a seasoned health nut…you’re in the right place! In’sha’Allah, there will be something for everyone!

What is Healthy Muslimah about?

Above all else, Healthy Muslimah is about trying to please our Creator by taking care of what He has blessed us with to the best of our ability while being kind and gentle with ourselves and others.

O mankind! Eat whatever is on earth, lawful and good for you (Quran: Al-Baqarah, 168)

I heard Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) saying, “The reward of deeds depends upon the intentions and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.’ (Bukhari)

  • It’s about trying to help us find focus and remember our purpose in a world that is bursting with distractions.
  • It’s about trying to help us find our centre and balance in a world where we so often feel busy or overwhelmed.
  • It’s about trying to make small positive changes, for the sake of Allah, one tiny step at a time.
  • It’s about eating real food.
  • It’s about gaining health and energy.
  • It’s about intention.
  • It’s about slowing down.
  • It’s about simplifying.
  • It’s about enjoying moments.
  • It’s about gratitude.
  • It’s about healing.
  • It’s about being easy with yourself. And others
  • It’s about being kind to yourself. And others
  • It’s about taking care of what we have been blessed with and nourishing ourselves, mind, body and soul. And others

    ‘Wellness is more than just the absence of disease.’ Unknown

Simplifying and Avoiding Overwhelm

The aim is to keep things simple and easy, in shaa Allah and give you all the information you need to help make the best choices for you and your family as well as the tools to make lasting changes, one tiny step at a time. 

No stress, no pressure, no crazy complexity, NO’food police’ and no ‘perfection’. 

Making changes can sometimes be challenging, and so can knowing where to start. Sometimes, we all need a little encouragement and a helping hand and a reminder that even the smallest positive change counts. I pray that Healthy Muslimah will be that for you!

At the end of the day, Healthy Muslimah isn’t about me, it’s about you.

  • It’s about you wanting to make changes and take steps towards greater health and wellbeing, one tiny step at a time. 
  • It’s about you wanting to make the best health choices for you and your family.
  • It’s about your questions and interests and me doing the best I can to answer them, in shaa Allah.

I really care about what you need so please, tell me what you’re struggling with.

The warmest of welcomes to you dear sister. I hope you’ll stay a while!

The Guided Tour

Now that we’ve done introductions, grab a cup of tea, get comfy and allow me to give you a brief guided tour…

Green Tea