A Note from the Author and Founder of Healthy Muslimah

New beginnings and Sadaqah Jariyah...

 As salaamu aleikum was rahmatulah was barrakhatu, welcome!

When I first started Healthy Muslimah and wrote Then and Now, it was a time when health and wellness content was still relatively scarce in the Muslim online space. Alhamdullilah, over the years, this space has grown and there are now many beautiful and beneficial health platforms serving our global community. 

 As you may (or may not) know, earlier this year (2022), I made the challenging decision to 'retire' Healthy Muslimah in a bid to 'practice what I preach' - namely, "simplification", knowing that by trying to manage multiple platforms, I was spread thin and not able to serve anyone to the best of my ability. 

Alhamdullilah, I have fully transitioned to a single focus and single platform, Finding Sakeenah - A Journey to Tranquility Through Simplicity, helping sisters navigate the noise of this modern world, reduce overwhelm and make space for change, one small and simple step at a time, closing one chapter so that I could open another.   

However, Healthy Muslimah is my baby and will always be near to my heart. The Healthy Muslimah page was a pioneer for its time and something I wanted to continue to serve sisters. 'hands free'.  Alhamdulillah, Allah is the Best of Planners and provided a way for the platform to do just that, in such a way I could never have imagined. 

The Book, an ongoing Sadaqah Jariyah Project  - May Allah reward all the sisters who contributed - Then and Now will continue to be available on this site, for FREE download. 

The Healthy Muslimah Facebook Page - after much consideration, and istikhara, I have decided to pass the Healthy Muslimah baton to a sister that I have known for almost 4 years who is taking great initiative in teaching the Ummah about Prophetic Medicine (and nutrition), Islamic Medicine and Herbalism.

Sister Aiman (Eman) Attar is a researcher and author who has dedicated the past 8 years of her life to transforming her health as well as her family and friends. She teaches nutrition and medicine from an Islamic perspective. She has learned how to naturally heal many health conditions with diet, herbs and remedies from Prophetic Medicine and Islamic Medicine.

You may know her from website Prophetic Medicine  or her page Nurasunna.

I find her work to be aligned with my core beliefs about health, nutrition and medicine which is why I feel at ease with her taking over the Healthy Muslimah Facebook Page.

What does this mean for you? Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing your email. If you have an interest in learning from her, in downloading her free ebooks and taking advantage of her free resources, then I highly recommend you sign up on her website to access all the incredible work she is putting forth for the Ummah.

 I would like to express immense gratitude to everyone who has contributed now or over the years of the Healthy Muslimah journey - be it through time, financial support, encouragement or du'a. Thank you - you have and always will be the best part of Healthy Muslimah.

Please feel free to share the book with friends and family. 

..and if you prefer a paperback copy or Kindle, you can get both on Amazon. 

With love and gratitude,