A Note from the Author and Founder of Healthy Muslimah

When I founded Healthy Muslimah and wrote Then and Now, it was a time when health content was still fairly scarce in the Muslim online world.

Alhamdullilah, over the years, the number of brothers and sisters working in the health and wellness space has increased and there is now no shortage of beautiful reminders and health professionals to be found online. 

Earlier this year, I made the challenging decision to 'retire' Healthy Muslimah, to close the website and the program platform in a bid to 'practice what I preach' - namely, "simplification" and 'less is more' knowing that trying to run multiple platforms meant that I was stretched thin and not serving anyone to the best of my ability. 

closed the chapter of Healthy Muslimah so that I could fully focus on a new chapter, Finding Sakeenah - A Journey to Tranquility Through Simplicity. 

Then I had an idea...

 A simple way to continue the service of Healthy Muslimah to the community 'hands-free'. 

100% Non-profit.

No courses, no sales, no affiliate links. 

100% automated. 

A win-win. In shaa Allah. 

The idea - to create a simple website where this book would be available for download, 100% FREE. 

Along with translations of the Then and Now Mini-documentary created by a sisters' volunteer team. May Allah reward them.

I put the word out and in just 48 hours, the funds were raised and that's how you have access to a FREE copy of the book. Alhamdullilah. 

I would like to express immense gratitude to everyone who has contributed now or over the years of the Healthy Muslimah journey - be it through time, financial support, encouragement or du'a.

You are the best part of HM.

May Allah accept it from you as sadaqah jarriyah and may He increase you in reward. Ameen. 

I pray you benefit from the book and that it starts a wave of greater health and wellness in our ummah for generations to come. 

Any good is from Allah alone and any mistakes are my own and I seek forgiveness. 

Please feel free to share the book with friends and family. 

..and if you prefer a paperback copy or Kindle, you can get both on Amazon.